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Starting a drug company that supplies wholesale prescribed drugs to retailers, registered clinics and hospitals is such a productive business that comes with certain cautions. But if you kick off with the right knowledge of requirements, then you will be able to hit the nail on the head and earn big. Pharmacies are vital business institutions in any given society because people come here to purchase drugs and supplementary medical materials required particularly for home prescriptions, hospitals or even for urgent situations. This and many more reasons are why we exist to offer you our help whenever you need it medically.


For the many years of our service, we have been a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler in this industry with a special approach of serving our customers with high quality products at an affordable price. We pride our self in highly qualified pharmaceutical personnel with a full line of standard and trademarked pharmaceutical products which comprise tablets, creams, ointments, capsules, vaccines, injectables and liquids that are ready to be delivered immediately.


With the high demand of prescriptions and counterfeit drugs in the market, we have experienced many people fall into the trap of the untrustworthy businesses with poor services and end up suffering. To help protect the public from such and many more threats, we are officially recognized as a wholesale pharmaceuticals supplier of prescribed drugs. To make this true we have also employed qualified personnel to attend to your needs at a professional level. To receive our certification for the business, we have undergone a complete performance assessment and criteria alongside license confirmation, ground assessment and inspection, screening and verification of criminal background for accountability purposes. We have also embraced the modern technology in our security systems and practices to ensure safety in our pharmaceutical supply; also promotion and advertisement to keep up with competition in the market, which we consider healthy to us.


Pharmacies differ in demand at any given place and this is one of the reasons that make this a suitable business plan. Many people are concerned about their health; this presents pharmacies with a good number of sure clients daily. And to help you get the right prescriptions, we have gone out of our way to invest in qualified staff, approved drugs and technology just to satisfy your health needs. You are our first priority. Our main job is to fulfill the prescriptions prepared by the doctors or medical professionals. We have a team of professionals who will instruct you on medication and technicians who help wrap the prescriptions for you.


We have established our business by creating a solid image through the exceptional services and products we provide to our customers. Understanding our customer’s needs is always our responsibility and we go extra miles just to ensure you get the best at your comfort ability and at lower costs. We have managed to get lots of appraisals from our customers as well as referrals to new clients. Feel free to contact us any time of need.


Systolix soothes the nerves

For the many years I have been in this business, I have tried almost all wholesalers out there. It was as if I just had a supplier and not a partner. Everything changed when I teamed up with you. You came through my door, and ever since I don’t have to worry about any aspect of my business.
By By Brian N. Wright
Cloudy Tree Marketing

It gives me peace of mind and great joy to know that I can trust you, the biggest vendor I deal with. I am happy with your services and the quality of products to offer to me. It gives me much respect.
By Grace D. Jackson
Deep Beaver Print Design

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